A Touch of Green:

The affirmative effects of having fresh flowers at home

Text Alessa Risse

I like my interiors to be clean. No kitsch, no fuss, and, above all, no loud colours. Actually, you can cross out the loud. No colours. At least not the ones you find on a colour wheel. What sounds boring to many is the manifestation of my personal taste that I follow throughout most aspects of my life. But there’s one thing I love to make an exception for, and that’s flowers. Not only does a bunch make even the simplest corners look well-loved and put together. Flowers are a sensory experience, and with their aesthetically pleasing appearance and alluring scents, they bring liveliness and a warm atmosphere to every home. Especially after months of being locked in our own four walls, we shouldn't underestimate the beautiful qualities of florals.

Particularly when working from home, it’s more vital than ever to be surrounded by a mood-lifting environment. Flowers add a joyful touch to our workspace and provide a little escape from the dullness of sitting at our desk all day. And the affirmative effect flowers have on our mental health is even scientifically proved. Rutgers University, the State University of New Jersey, conducted a ten-month behavioural study that explored the link between flowers and life satisfaction. Their findings show that flowers are a natural moderator of moods and have positive effects on emotional health. Not only do they have an immediate impact on happiness, but also long-term positive effects. Study participants reported feeling less depressed and anxious.

Still, fresh flowers are so special that we rarely have them around all the time. Usually, we get them gifted for special occasions: birthdays, anniversaries, babies, engagements. For the single girl I am, there aren’t many of those events applying to me. But why should we wait for someone else to get us a bouquet anyway? Flowers are a perfect reward for big and small achievements, or simply because we feel like treating ourselves. And it’s not only the beauty of the plants themselves, it’s the whole experience: the excitement that overcomes me when stopping at the flower stall, to choose what takes my fancy and bring home the treasures, carefully trimming the stems, and arrange them in my favourite vase.

From majestic lilies to frisky freesias, there are flowers for every season, mood, and taste. Smelling them, touching their petals, watching them evolve every day brings me so much joy and procures a little escape from the winter dreariness outside. Could there be better reasons to welcome a little touch of colour in my home?

Images courtesy of the writer. Alessa Risse is a London based journalist and founder of Oh Boy Magazine, visit her Instagram to see more. 

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