Ephemeral Moments

photography: Celia Tang

Photographer Celia Tang speaks with Lichen about appreciating the temporary beauty of nature with her still life, ‘Ephemeral Moments’

As told to Lichen, formatted for clarity by Mirabella Shahidullah

The pandemic created a period of negativity for me, which was hard to embody and [further] difficult to contain. Photography is one of the ways I visualise my feelings, vision and opinions [...] the inspiration for me in this shoot was to observe the nature’s symbols and objects and think about the relationship between them, and from that, the story that could be told. As an outcome, the still life shoot was a conversation with myself, a kind of personal meditation [...]  

I’ve always thought of flowers as the symbol of life [...] of life reaching its most beautiful moment, and of its metaphor for happiness and pleasure. The idea of beauty is [usually] treated as something positive, however we all know how difficult it is to stay positive and optimistic under the circumstances. I started thinking about how flowers and fruits symbolised a shorter version of human lives where the beauty of life is not just about blooming and being in its best moment, but surviving.

Similar to our personalities, flowers also have their own ways to express their lives and beauty in different forms. But without discovering and observing them, we tend to forget there are a lot more beauty living and breathing with us in the form of nature. Exploring the close ups of the flower’s different textures was fascinating, and for me it was a reminder that there are numerous ways the world can show us its beauty. I wanted to convey that we are all like the flowers sleeping in the dark night [...] waiting for the morning to come.

photography: Celia Tang

Photography/Direction: CELIA TANG
Photography Assistant/Direction: MIRABELLA SHAHIDULLAH

Text has been slightly edited and formatted for clarity. Celia Tang is a London-based photographer, too see more of her work visit her website or Instagram

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