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Fantastic Fungi Review:

Could mushrooms really save us? We watched Louis Schwartzburg’s new documentary to find out

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Forest Bathing:

We picked four ancient London forests perfect for engaging more mindfully with nature in 2021

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A Touch of Green:

The affirmative effects of having fresh flowers at home

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Music for Trees:

The Royal Parks app connecting walkers to nature through classical music

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Awe Inspired:

Appreciating the immensity of nature through awe-walking; a term to describe engaging with nature by using childlike emotions

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Why old TFL ticket booths have been transformed into urban oases

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Reading this Article but You’re in a Springtime Meadow:

Striving for virtual experiences in a lockdown world

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Environmentalists have been trying to save Stonehenge for years - but what exactly is at stake for the prehistoric monument?

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Treasure Hunting on the

Jorja Bolton takes us on a mudlarking adventure right on the Thames’ shoreline

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Putting the Synth in Photosynthesis:

The science and pop culture behind the idea that plants enjoy music

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Buying Locally,
Shopping Sustainbly:

Vegan, zero-waste and local ideas for inspiring your 2021 space

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Lichen Book Club:

Book recommendations to strengthen your connection with nature (without going outside)

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Parakeets of Paradise:

A brief and fantastical history of how the birds have adopted London as their home away from home

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